Cancer Horoscope | 04-04-2021 – 10-04-2021


The exalted Sun makes a transit through the tenth house for the Cancer natives.This shows a really favourable period for them especially on the professional front.The financial status of those natives may get strengthened as there could also be huge cash inflows.Entrepreneurs may crack long profitable deals. Although some discord between employees could also be a reason for worry.This may be a short lived phase so attempt to divert your skills in exploring ways to success. this might assist you as you reap the seeds of your diligence within the coming days.Donot let stress or anxiety take over you and keep your efforts going.Family expenditure could seem to rise then confirm you’ve got enough balance to cope up together with your expenses.Job issues may cause some discomfort to singles.They may get love invites from a known friend.Excluding the health factor,the Cancer native may have an exhilarating week ahead.

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