Capricorn Horoscope | 04-04-2021 – 10-04-2021


Saturn the hard task master is that the ruler of the Capricorn sign and also holds its second house.As for the Capricorn native Saturn are going to be moving with Mars during this house and transiting in its own sign Aquarius.As the second house stands for financial affairs and monetary gains it’s going to make the native adapt to his financial situation.Moreover,Mars being impulsive may make the native a spendthrift.Family disharmony may increase your stress levels.An analytical practical approach may make to play the referee role easing these misunderstandings.Old ailments may retaliate so make it some extent to require excellent care of yourself.Your left eye could also be a explanation for worry and for a visit to an eye fixed specialist.To sum it up, the week may close to be a mean one with due precautions to be followed.

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