Aries | April 25 to May Day , 2021


In the early days of the week, you will be under the influence of the positive Moon and Jupiter. This combination will make you happy and give you respect on the family, work and social fronts. You will be involved in family and business related issues. You will expect peace of mind and happiness around you. The old health issues are going to get better now. You will be busy with household chores. Your understanding with your spouse will now be much stronger. You would expect a new partnership in terms of business. You are likely to make quick decisions within the business, which can benefit you in the near future. Investing in government-owned assets or business gives you a profit. You need to regulate your eating habits and overwork. You are advised to take care of back pain and problems related to the gastrointestinal system.

The middle of the week will not be positive, the negative moon will make you pale and unhappy. You will face some losses in your business and occupation. It is advisable to take care of business rivals and hidden enemies. You are advised to avoid implementing new ideas in your work. You are advised to keep a distance with your boss. Failure to take a place in a risky business will result in conversion to dead investments. Love birds will try to avoid making arguments to maintain harmony in the relationship. Students will avoid shortcuts in their studies. They were able to study their subjects thoroughly to urge success.

In the last two days of the week, you will be blessed by positive planets. You will be able to increase your network in terms of work. Your luck will help you implement new plans at work, which will give you a profit in the near future. You will decide to visit a religious place. You will have fun with a close relative or plan a limited celebration. The final day of the week will bring a little happiness in professional life. You will be able to request some large orders, which can enhance your business. Relationships with the boss will get better now. You will request some high positions in the current organization. The parents will be in good health now.

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