Cancer | April 25 to May Day , 2021


At the beginning of the week, the negative moon will cause you to become restless and unstable, you will be separated from your responsibilities. You have to deal with obstacles in your personal and family life. You are advised to be patient and try to avoid making any hasty decisions. You should take care of your parents. You will be advised to follow your intuition before making any investment. It is also recommended that you consult your elders or adviser before making any important decisions. You will also plan to relocate from your current residence.

In the middle of the week, you will feel good and happy. Your inner soul will help you to make difficult decisions in terms of work. Your past investments will pay you back now. But you have to try to avoid new investments for a few days. You will use your creativity to renovate your building or office. You will also be involved in children’s studies. The natives who are in the job will plan higher studies to enhance their career. Singles have the potential to be soul mates. The couple will hear good news in terms of the child in the family. Love Birds will decide to get married.

In the last few days, Jupiter will give you a reason to keep busy. Your stagnant money will now be recovered. You will be the winner in the position of opponents and professional rivals. You will also hear good news in any legal matter. You will probably find new responsibilities in your work, which will benefit you in the near future. Your relationships with the boss are likely to improve. Chronic illness is now likely to heal. The health issues associated with children will now be fixed.


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