Gemini | April 25 to May Day , 2021


At the beginning of the week, a positive moon can cause you excitement. You will be more intellectual in terms of knowledge. You will be able to plan higher education for a better career. The natives who are in the job can plan educational courses to enhance their career. You will spend money in the family and love once in a while. You can make new investments in fixed assets. But you need to control your short temper, it will affect your relationships with the people around you. Love birds will enjoy their happy moments. Students and job seekers can hear the good news.

In the middle of the week, you will be blessed by positive Moon and Jupiter, which will make you happy, powerful, healthy and rich, you will spend some time with your family and friends. You may be interested in artwork that can improve your creativity. You will also get some incentives in terms of promotion. You are advised to be patient in making financial decisions in business. You will hear good news in legal matters. Love Birds are advised to be honest in relationships. You will be able to fight your inner weakness, which will lead to success and happiness.

In the last few days, you will be blessed by the elders, who will make you happy. You will be able to analyze yourself and understand the mistakes of the relationship with the spouse. Which will build trust in your relationship with your spouse. In partnership, disputes will be settled. You will implement some new innovations in the current business for future development. Students can make quick decisions in terms of their careers. Singles can find a good match.


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