Leo | April 25 to May Day , 2021


In the first two days of the week you will get good results from your hard work. You will settle disputes with your relatives. Your subordinate will help you in your difficult decisions. The job seeker will find the right job. Kid’s results will be favourable. You will enjoy your home life, however you will avoid arrogance and ego with your partner. Partnerships are likely to solve problems. The individual will follow intuition before making a decision regarding marriage.

The middle of the week will be negative, you will be isolated from your responsibilities, you will not be happy at work, which will affect the speed of your current projects. You will experience a little dullness, you will not focus on your goals. Suggest you take care of your elders. Advise you to be patient and try to avoid making a quick decision. You are advised to follow your intuition before making any investment. Students who are planning competitive exams are advised to work hard and avoid negligence and laziness. Love birds are advised to show mutual respect to maintain their relationship.

The last few days, are good. Your past investments will pay you back now. Your money that was stuck will now be recovered, which can increase business capital and savings. Health problems related to your children or relationships are now resolved. You will use your knowledge to resolve disputes in terms of business and social life. The bond with the boss will be improved, which can help in career development. Love birds will avoid hiding anything in their relationship. A single will find a soul mate in the workplace or around the same culture.


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