Scorpio | April 25 to May Day , 2021


The early days of the week may not be good for you, you probably are, become upset and frustrated by the negative moon. Your expectations will be high, which will bother you. You and your family members will face health problems. You will be able to spend your hard earned money on useless stuff. You will lose your patience, which is capable of making you arrogant, thus it is suggested to control your tongue while talking to someone. Love Birds will avoid arguing on useless topics, otherwise there will be a slight gap in the relationship.

In the middle of the week, last week’s disappointment will turn into happiness. You will be blessed by a positive moon and Jupiter, you will see peace of mind, happiness and patience. You can expect good health. You get pleasure from professional life, your network can help you complete your work. You can plan to start some new venture with the help of your siblings and business network. Students can perform better in the studies. There will be some good benefits after a little effort.

The last few days, you will be busy with household chores and children’s education. You would expect some communication in terms of children’s education. Children’s health can bother you. With the help of destiny, you will come out of this messy situation. There will be a bit of chaos in your personal life, thus suggesting controlling your arrogance and ego in the relationship. In a business partnership, you should avoid arguing on useless topics, there will be some disputes in the business partnership however your patience will help you to get out of this situation, and you will be able to resolve the disputes. Singles can hear good news when it comes to marriage.


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