Aquarius | 2 to 8 May 2021


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Your planets will be positive at the beginning of the week, you will have plenty of opportunities in terms of benefits. Your losses will be converted into profits. You can start working on a project that can benefit you in the near future. You will increase your social network to increase your status. You can expect a place in property and other possessions with the help of your friend. Your investment will pay off in the near future. On the 3rd of May, late evening, the scene will somehow be negative, you will feel bored. You will get a little detachment from your responsibilities. You will spend on junk, which can affect your savings. Check you for safe driving and avoid adventurous travel.

In the middle of the week, you will be under the negative moon. You will suffer mood swings, you will be confused, you will find yourself standing at crossroads. You will fall asleep, you will also have potential health problems, which can make you arrogant. You can’t focus, your patience will be tested again and again. It suggests safe driving and will avoid adventure travel. Your hypocrisy can have an effect on domestic harmony. Love Birds are instructed to avoid arguments on the subject of waste, they are converted into arguments and may have a breakup. Students are advised to study diligently. From May 6, things will be under control. You will be blessed by the positive planets, who can come out of this messy scene. You can use your knowledge to make some important choices.

The last few days, time will be positive. You will be blessed by the positive planets, you will feel healthy. Your inner strength can help you make important decisions on the family front. You may also decide to renovate your home or workplace. Your focus will be toward your goals. Your efficiency will increase and you are ready to start some innovation to accelerate your business. There will be an atmosphere of joy and happiness in the family. Love Birds will decide to get married. The singles are likely to get a good match.


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