Aries | 2 to 8 May 2021


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While a positive moon at the beginning of the week can make you happy and a target, last week’s upset scene will now be over. You can feel a little progress in life. Your spiritual strength can help you make the right call. Projects that were closed for any reason can be started automatically. Your luck can help you bring new opportunities, which can lead to unexpected leads in a positive way. Your financial health will improve. You may decide to visit a spiritual place. You may also decide to donate a small amount to a spiritual place or a small donation to some charity. You can win a little legal action with the blessing of the elders. You will be able to perform well at work. Your boss will be happy for your dedication to your work, you can get rewards in the matter of promotion.

In the middle of the week, you will be blessed by positive Chandra and Jupiter, expecting you to have plenty of opportunities at work. You will see good progress in your life. Couples probably welcome the child as a new family member, which can improve family harmony. You will be able to meet an influential person, who will help you in business. Your boss may appreciate your performance, you may be rewarded. Singles can find their soulmate around.

In the last few days of the week, your moon will be negative. You may feel bored and unhappy. You may fall asleep. You are swept away, you can make some stupid mistakes, which can affect your current project. Projects running for any reason are about to stall. You can spend your hard earned money on useless things, it creates negative energy around you. You are also advised to avoid rash driving and postpone the risky tour for a few days. You are suggested to do some meditation and chant some mantras, which can help you get out of this messy scene. You can visit a spiritual place to get a positive seeking leave.


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