Gemini | 2 to 8 May 2021


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At the beginning of the week, you will be busy with work. You can start a new partnership business with an influential person, which can facilitate your business to grow in a very good position. You will implement innovations in your business. Your opponents and hidden enemies will be in control. Prolonged health problems are now to be solved. You plan to renovate or rebuild your workplace. You will buy artwork, some artistic content that is able to enhance your social station. You will be able to maintain the right balance between business and home life. Your reputation within the community is going to grow. Disputes with spouses seem to be resolved.

In the middle of the week, you will be under the influence of the negative moon. You will feel sad. You will feel bored and healthy. You will be in a hurry and swept, capable of affecting your professional and personal life. There may be some new controversies in the partnership business. Running projects can be stopped automatically for no reason. You can be arrogant, which can have a negative effect on those around you. Your arrogance can lead to conflict with your spouse. Investors are advised to avoid making new investments in risky assets. Students are advised to focus on their studies. With the blessing of the elders from May 6, you will start with the awkward situation. You will be able to use your knowledge to come out of uncertainty. Which is able to reflect in professional progress. Love Birds can take some important calls in terms of marriage.

The last few days will be favorable, you will be blessed by Positive plantes. You will come out of the uneasy situation with the blessing of the elders. You will try to go to a religious place with a family or a friend. You will donate to a religious place or charity. Your projects that were shut down can be started automatically. With the help of your luck, you will find success in the workplace. Singles have the potential to be soul mates. Love can take some important calls to transform a relationship into a marriage. You will find a job in your job or you will be able to change jobs for a better opportunity. Job hopefuls can get a new job. Students can hear good news in terms of admissions.


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