Libra | 2 to 8 May 2021


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Good at the beginning of weekdays. Your attention is good, and you can perform your best at work, you can complete your work on time, which is able to increase your confidence. Your self-confidence is good, and it will help you make difficult business decisions. Your team will be supportive. Your performance in the job will be good, you will benefit in terms of incentives. Job seekers may need a new opportunity. Students can expect to hear good news in terms of results or admissions. Disputes over property with siblings can now be settled. You can get good results from your plan. Singles have the potential to be soul mates.

In the middle of the week, you may be ineffective and impatient, which will reflect the way you work. Your performance is below. You may experience discomfort, restlessness and drowsiness. It is advisable to be careful with the health of the parents. Wealth-related investments are likely to be converted into zero. You can also keep an eye on children to control their naughty behaviour. To get out of this awkward situation, it is suggested to do meditation, yoga. You may want to consider visiting some spiritual places to find peace of mind.

The last few days, things are currently under control. With the blessing of the elders, you can get out of the messy situation, increase your inner strength. Your efficiency will increase. You may be busy implementing new innovations in business and work. After a few attempts there will probably be some sensible benefits. You can plan to donate a small amount to any spiritual place or charity. You can also help someone in need by giving money. You can afford to buy some artistic materials for your home. Indigenous people who have a job can get some. Couples can enjoy their quality time.


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