Pisces | 2 to 8 May 2021


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At the beginning of the week you will be blessed with positive planets, you can find peace of mind and happiness. Your self-esteem will be high. You can get enough opportunities in terms of business, which can grow your business in the near future. You are likely to get some huge orders, which can grow your business. With the help of some important person, you can get an edge in terms of your work. Your boss will be happy, and you can expect some new responsibilities in terms of promotions. The job seeker can find the right job. You may decide to renovate your home or workplace, which will enhance your situation. Disputes will be resolved in partnership. On the domestic front, happiness will be found, you can enjoy your romantic moments with your loved one.

In the middle of the week, a positive planet can give you a positive giveaway. You may get enough opportunities. You will hear some good news from your close relatives. Your losses are likely to turn into profits, which boosts your financial health. You may decide to increase your knowledge by reading some books or literature, your attention will turn to higher studies. Old health problems will now be cured. State-related work can provide some edge. Love Birds can call to get married. Singles can get soul mates. Couples can hear good news from a child’s point of view. Students can get good news in terms of discipline and career. After May 5th, things won’t work out anyway. You may be confused about making the right decision to take, you may have a tendency towards stress, your decision may be affected and you may have difficulty in making business decisions today. While you may notice some negative feedback from your superiors, you are advised to keep an eye on your opponents. Chanting mantras and meditation can help you stay focused.

In the last few days, you will feel bored and your health will not be good.. You can try your best in your work, but lack of attention will pull you down in a negative way. You find yourself making wrong decisions. Your expenses will be increased on waste, which may affect your savings. The student will avoid laziness and more sleeping. Things will be under control after May 7th. You will be blessed by the positive planets. Your inner strength can help you to make the right call. With the help of knowledge, you can decide to implement some new innovations in the parental business for future development. Your position will be enhanced, and you can expect to receive a small reward or compensation from society for your hard work.


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