Scorpio | 2 to 8 May 2021


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In the early days of the week, you will be blessed by the positive planets. You’re willing to control spending on inappropriate content, which can boost your savings. You will find your savings to invest in better options, which can boost your financial health. You will find yourself more polite with others, which will increase your respect in the people around you. You will be ready to focus on domestic matters and you will take some help from your spouse in making domestic decisions. With the help of blessings, you will control indecision. The children are in good health now. Supporting your secondary work, you are ready to turn your diligence into success. You would expect to request some incentives along with wages.

The middle of the week suits you. A positive moon can make you more powerful. You are ready to complete a difficult task using your inner strength. Your efficiency has now increased, which may reflect the way you work. It is suggested to avoid too much expectation with business partners in terms of benefits. There will also be some work related trips, which may be helpful in the near future. Your overwork will affect your home life; You will be late for family or social events. Love birds are advised not to hide anything to keep the relationship healthy. From May 6, you will feel a little dissatisfied. You can’t have fun at work. You will be in a hurry and will be able to make some stupid mistakes at work and at home. You are advised to delay any type of migration for a short period of time.

In the last few days of the week, your routine life will be a bit disrupted, doing things a little harder, which can affect your peace of mind. You will not find yourself comfortable in any situation. You will be arrogant. You will be in a refusal mode to request any kind of good advice. If you avoid arguing with your spouse on an unwanted issue, it will make a difference in opinions and family harmony. Investing in fixed assets can turn into dead assets. Meditation, yoga are suggested to get out of this uncomfortable scene.


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