Cancer | 30th May to 5th June 2021


At the beginning of the week, you will probably experience some isolation. You will also have some health problems. Suggested not to start a new business. You are also advised to delay investing in the business. You may have to face losses during that period. Your benefits are probably lost. You avoid being anxious in disputes, otherwise it will pull you down in a negative way. Your strong resolve and the blessings of the elders can protect you from this adversity. You are advised to avoid arguing with siblings, you will also be advised to be polite with those who love you, this will affect your domestic harmony.

In the middle of the week, things are under control now. The blessings of the elders can help you to get out of the mess. Your inner strength can help you make some tough business decisions. You will also perform on the job, you will expect to get rewarded in your job, you will control spending on inappropriate content. You will decide to visit a spiritual place to find peace of mind. You will spend your time acquiring some intellectual or secret knowledge. Students can perform better. Singles can probably find a soul mate.

The last days of the week can cause you to be busy with your professional and job related travel. You would expect some huge orders from an overseas customer. Which is able to increase your liquidity within the business. You will focus on your work, which will give you mental fatigue, you will not be able to give time to your family. Your siblings will support you and maintain that homely harmony. Love Birds can expect to make important decisions in terms of marriage with the help of relatives. On the weekends, you will plan to watch a movie or small get together with the family members, which is able to enhance your family harmony. Job seekers will probably hear good news about a new job.

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