Leo | 30th May to 5th June 2021


The start of the week will be positive for you, you will be happy. You can feel peace of mind. You can focus on your goals. You can spend quality time with family. Your bond with your relatives will be good. You may also be busy with other family matters and occasions. You can probably set up a new partnership in terms of business. You will be able to make quick decisions that are able to increase the profit in your business. Should investing in fixed assets with a business partner should be avoided, it will take some legal action in the near future.

The middle part of the week will not be convenient, you will feel bored. There is going to be some kind of negative issue from June 2 onwards. You may have some health related problems. Which is able to influence your professional and domestic life. You can also get upset as a result of health related problems. Your patience will be tested frequently. Suggest you defer applying new innovations to your business or work. you are advised to be wary of opponents and hidden enemies. You will avoid arguing with the boss. It is suggested to suspend the investment in fixed assets for a while, it is converted into a dead investment. Love Birds are advised to avoid arguing on inappropriate topics to keep the relationship in harmony. Students are advised to do a thorough review of their subjects to request success.

On the last days of the week, you may be blessed by Jupiter and Moon who are able to give you patience. You will be happy and calm. You may decide to visit a place of worship to find peace of mind. You can also give a small amount for the development of a religious place. You will probably extend your network in terms of work. Your luck can help you implement new plans in your work in terms of progress. You will probably enjoy the weekend with your family or friends, watching movies.

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