Barasala (Namakaranam)

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Barasala is that the naming ceremony of the kid , it’s very significant as it’s the primary ceremony of a child’s life. By performing the Pooja, the kid gets all the blessings for a healthy and happy life.
Key Insights :
– Performed to call the new born baby as per shastras.
– Name should signify sex, fame, wealth, power.
– Performed on the 11th day from the day of birth.
– Mantras are chanted for the baby’s well-being
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Barasala (Namakaranam) is that the naming ceremony of a neonate . Nama means ‘name’ and Karanam means ‘to make or to create’. This ceremony is performed to pick a newborn’s name using astrological rules or traditional methods of naming. This ceremony takes place after the 10-day ‘impure’ postnatal period.

The chosen name should contain a specified number of syllables and vowels be easy to pronounce and sound pleasant, indicate the sex, signify fame, wealth, or power.

The ceremony is performed, starting with Vighneshwara pooja, Punyaha vachanam, Maha Sankalpam, Kalasha Pooja, and Namakaranam is completed by whispering child’s name within the right ear and chanting mantras.

When to Perform Barasala (Namakaranam)?
This Ceremony is typically performed on the eleventh day of the child’s birth. But are often performed on any day compatible with the janma nakshatra of the baby child.

Benefits of Barasala (Namakaranam):
Official Name is Required for identification of a private and also during sankalp purposes
The Barasala Pooja is required to urge permission from the supreme Lord to call the kid and also to keep off evil spirits while naming the kid which can be employed by the kid during its life time.
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