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inclusive all pooja items & dakshina (except flowers & fruits)
Gruhapravesam Pooja or house warming ceremony is compulsory before getting into a rented or owned house. A dweller can occupy or move things into a property after performing Gruhapravesam.
Key Insights :
– Performed before getting into a house, whether rented or owned.
– It is the method of removing any negative energy occupying the house.
– An auspicious date compatible to Rashi Nakshatra of homeowners is seen.
– It helps to please the planets and therefore the gods, and convey luck .
– Includes vastu shanti, navagraha and laksmi kubera homams
Our Promise:
– Vedic Patashala certified and experienced priests.
– All rituals follow Vedic Standards and Procedures
– High quality Samagri to make sure a pleasing Pooja experience.
– Guaranteed Punctuality and Authenticity.
– Professional Guidance & Support.
Gruhapravesam Pooja may be a ceremony which is completed before shifting to a replacement house to cleanse the place from all the evil forces. All the Poojas performed during Pooja helps to bring luck .
As per the Pravesham Muhurtham, couples enter the house before to which Dwara Pooja, Gau pooja is performed near the door. After the Pravesham milk boiling ceremony happens, later Ganapati pooja, Punyahavachanam, Sankalpam, Navagraha puja etc are done and then Vastu Homam, Ganapathi Homam, Navagraha Homam etc are performed eventually after Poornahuti, Satyanarayana Vratam is performed.
All the Pooja and Homam Samagries like Pasupu, kumkum, Kalasam, Homam sticks, Navadhanyalu, Navagraha vastralu, Dhoti, ghee etc are brought by our team, you’ve got to stay a couple of items like plates trays, photos, bowls, mats, prasadam, water, coconuts, gas stove, new milk boiling vessels etc. you’ll be receiving a to-do list as soon as you book the pooja.

When to Perform Gruhapravesam Pooja?
The date are often fixed as per the Rashi nakshatra of the husband and Wife.

Benefits of Gruhapravesam Pooja:
Performing this ceremony ensures that the house remains free from all quite negative energy.
Gruhapravesham blesses the house with luck and protects it from the evil eyes.
Gruhapravesham helps in restoring the positive energy and peacefulness within the house.
Book Purohit for Gruhapravesam Pooja. All the Pooja Samagri are going to be brought by Purohit. All the Purohits are well experienced and studied from Vedic Pathshala.

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