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In the Horoscope if Kala Sarpa dosha is present than person faces sudden rise and fall within the life. This Nivarana should be performed to urge obviate all the ill effects caused by this dosha.
Key Insights :
– Performed for Kala Sarpa Dosha Nivarana.
– Untimely obstacles or hurdles are removed.
– Done on an auspicious date compatible together with your Janma Nakshatra.
– Main Deity: Rahu and Ketu.
– Main ingredient is Black Gram (Minapappu) and Ulvalu (Horse Gram).

Our Promise :
– Vedic Patashala certified and experienced priests.
– All rituals follow Vedic Standards and Procedures.
– High quality Samagri to make sure a pleasing Pooja experience.
– Guaranteed Punctuality and Authenticity.
– Professional Guidance & Support.
Kala Sarpa Dosha Nivarana: When the Planets Rahu and Ketu surround all other planets and rest 7 houses being empty is claimed Kala Sarpa Dosha or yoga. Unusual and unexpected incidents happen during a person’s life like child problems, loss in business, family problems etc.

This Pariharam is performed by invoking Rahu and Ketu and chanting mantras to please the Graha and therefore the homam is performed as per the shastras to urge obviate all the matter occurring thanks to this dosha.

When to Perform Kala Sarpa Dosha Nivarana?
Any person who has this dosha can perform this Nivarana, the date are often selected as per the janma Nakshatram of the person.

Benefits of Kala Sarpa Dosha Nivarana:
All the malefic effects of the planets causing thanks to the Kala Sarpa Dosha is nullified by performing this Nivarana.

The person is bestowed with luck , prosperity, and harmony.

Untimely incidents, obstacles or hurdles in one’s life is removed by performing this homam.

Book Purohit for Kala Sarpa Dosha Nivarana. All the Pooja Samagri are going to be brought by Purohit. All the Purohits are well experienced and studied from Vedic Pathshala.

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