Sree Plava Nama Samvatsara Aries Rasi / Aries Sign Free Telugu Rasi Phalalu

Those born under the Ashwini star 1,2,3,4 feet or the Bharani star 1,2,3,4 feet or the Kritika star 1st foot belong to Aries.

2020 – 2021 In the year of Sri Plava Nama Aries income – 08, Expenditure – 14, Rajapujyam – 04 Shame – 03.

The residual number that came to Aries in the former manner is “5” .This refers to getting slander and insults without your involvement in the year of Sri Plava Nama.

For those in Aries, Jupiter will produce opposite results in the Telugu period from 13-April-2021 to 01-April-2022, which is the year of Sri Plava Nama, until 19-November-2021. It can cause serious health problems and life-threatening illnesses, especially for older people in the paternal community. There will be fights over hereditary wealth. The cost of good work in the family is often high. In the personal horoscope, those who are in the Jupiter vile field are advised to chant the Jupiter Peace Japa for 16 days at a time. Creates a fair share of money. Gives new yogas in lifestyle.

For those in Aries, Saturn in the year of Sri Plava Nama brings positive results throughout the year. Saturn Aries will make money for them as expected. Those who trade in black goods, black grains, and metals make good profits. Job attempts for the unemployed will be successful. Newlyweds’ parenting efforts result in fertility. In the year of Sri Plava Nama, Aries does not have the previous Saturn phase.

For those in Aries, even in the year of Sri Plava Nama, the planet Rahu will produce good results throughout the year. Like the past year of Sri Sharwari Nama, this year also has no significant adverse effects due to the planet Rahu.

Even in the year of Sri Plava Nama for Aries, many problems arise due to the Sharvari Nama year passed by the planet Ketu. Physical well-being is low. Every task must be done diligently. Indication of the circumstances under which patriarchal rituals should be performed for those who have Ketu planetary defects in the patriarchal position in the personal horoscope. Expected progress in the pursuit of spiritual life is not forthcoming. There are many pitfalls for those who want to worship God anew.

April 2021 Aries Fruits:

Body health will improve during this month. The mind stays cheerful. Participate in dinner entertainments. Caution is required in vehicle travel. Perseverance increases for students. Court issues can be irritating. During the second week of pregnancy, the illness can cause anxiety. There is a chance to hear bad news about the favorites .. The next job attempt on the 18th will be successful. Unemployment effort succeeds. Important programs move forward slowly. Participate in charitable activities. Monthly cash flow is normal.

May 2021 Aries Fruits:

In the first and second weeks of this month you will get the expected results in career, employment and business. Gain the upper hand over opponents. Suitable for real estate agreements. Brides get marital happiness. The vehicle will get comfortable. From the third week onwards there will be work interruptions. Should work hard on programs. Annoyances to private employees. Illness for Kritika Nakshatra women. Good luck in the stock market affair. Issues on dates 20, 21, 29. Family business implications.

June 2021 Aries Fruits:

Get good results this month. Get your own home-based happiness. Be able to reduce the cost of wasted money. Jewellery  can be bought. Care should be taken in conversations with superiors. On the 17th and 18th, those in the business sector will receive government assistance. Peace of mind, reunions with friends, success in the tasks at hand. 9th, 11th, 12th of this month are good for job attempts. Expected job access.

July 2021 Aries Fruits:

Cash flow will increase during this month. Succeeds in professional businesses and job pursuits. Be prepared for changes in task management. Accidental financial access to the family. Undertake business expansion works. The Bhatru community will be able to help them. Be able to get proper recognition for your hard work. Land disputes are resolved favorably. Be able to write financial strategies. The 13th and 21st of this month are not favourable. It is advisable not to buy a new vehicle this month.

August 2021 Aries Fruits:

You will get mixed results this month. Indication of psychological distress due to bosses in the workplace or adults in the family. Fluctuations in professional businesses can be overcome. Those in the legal field get some of the top opportunities effortlessly. Insults or irritations caused by kinship. Financially vulnerable to fraud. Cash flow is normal for those in the business sector. It is advisable to postpone long distance travel between 18 and 24 days. Health issues for family members during the month.

September 2021 Aries Fruits:

You will have to hear the news of the separation of friends this month. Business successes come with the slightest difficulty. Get the money you need at the last minute and be able to get things done. Foreign-related job attempts pay off. Will have to take on new responsibilities in the family. Here are some suggestions on how to look or get an appointment for antique items. Aries women are comfortable with money. They are not financially strong. It is better not to criticize others at friends. The last week can be stressful and can lead to upsetting expectations. It is better not to undertake new projects or make changes in the job.

October 2021 Aries Fruits:

This month you will be able to regain the good opportunities you lost in the past. Women are more likely to have an accident due to carelessness. There is a risk of a car accident in the first and second weeks. The second week in particular was not so good. Adverse results, conflicts with friends. Implications arise in tasks. From the third week onwards the previously halted work will resume. Your strategies in business will pay off. At the end of the month, a favourable situation is created with the spouse. Can satisfy long-held desires. Dates 5,8, 26, 27 are good for wedding attempts.

November 2021 Aries Fruits:

This month requires slow thinking and decision making. The chances of success are slim. The workload increases and becomes stagnant. Disappointing events ensue. Cash flow is mediocre. Encouragement from family members may not be as expected. Own health also slows down somewhat. Good news on the difficulty for those hoping for a job. The third week is conducive to parenting efforts. Dates 10, 14, 29 are not suitable for new business transactions. The money due is received late. It is not a good time to start construction work on the house.

December 2021 Aries Fruits:

Good results will be available earlier this month. Obstacles can be overcome. Be able to solve long-term problems on your own. Ideas take the form of action. Move forward with new impetus in family affairs. Get acquainted with celebrities. Divine visitation is fortunate. Expenditure incurred by persons in the family. Expected changes in working life. Dates 7,9, 16 are good for those in the business world. The last week, however, lacks peace of mind with misguided thoughts. Misunderstandings occur. Depressed without adequate encouragement for skill.

January 2022 Aries Fruits:

Likely to get minor annoyances, home or land damage this month. Earned money does not stand. Accidental job losses in working life. The workload will also increase. Family expenses are out of control. During the second week, one of the family members becomes anxious due to surgery or illness. Appropriate monetary cost. There will be more work. There will be some relief from the cooperation of friends. Dates 27, 28, 29 in particular are not suitable.

February 2022 Aries Fruits:

Problems will subside somewhat this month. This month is a good time for new home or home conversion efforts. Be able to complete tasks undertaken with minimal difficulty. A good time for students. Dates 9,10.16.25 are favourable for foreign endeavors and new job attempts. Get rid of debt fast with this simple idea. Get the money you owe. Real estate problems go away.

March 2022 Aries Fruits:

You will get mixed results this month. Minor mental anxieties in personal matters or the believer may face difficulties such as fraud and financial expense. Expected support from spouse is not available. There are indications to get health problems in the second and third week. The next new ideas will be implemented on the 22nd. Especially on the 26th, 27th, 28th and 29th it is possible to get good results. .

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