Sree Plava Nama Samvatsara Cancer Rasi / Cancer Sign Free Telugu Rasu Phalalu

Those born in the 4th foot of the resettlement star or the 1,2,3,4 feet of the Pushyami star or the 1,2,3,4th foot of the Ashlesha star belong to Cancer.

In the year of Sri Plava Nama, the income of Cancerians is 14, Expenditure – 02, Raja Pujyam – 06, Shame – 06

The residual number that came to Cancer in the previous method was “7”. This signifies success in the business and family affairs of the people of Cancer in the year of Sri Plava Nama.

Jupiter will not have positive results throughout the year due to the planet Jupiter in the year of Sri Plava Nama i.e. from 13-April-2021 to 01-April-2022 in the Telugu period. Jupiter will continue to cause problems, as it did last year. In particular the teacher will create serious financial problems from 20-November-2021. Both inherited and inherited wealth are expenditure. Those in the Cancer constellation who are in Guru Nicha Kshetra or hostile positions in the personal horoscope need frequent anointings and chanting of peace to the planet Guru throughout the year of Sri Plava Nama.

Those in the Cancer zodiac get a slight boost in their working life due to Saturn in the year of Sri Plava Nama. Promotion and effort over difficulty will succeed. Those who have a kalatra error due to Saturn in the horoscope will also face difficulties in married life this year. There are indications that all Cancerians will have special health problems even in the year of Sri Plava Nama. Carelessness is useless in matters of health. In the year of Sri Plava Nama, the Cancerians do not have the previous Saturn.

For those in Cancer, both Rahu and Ketu will produce good results in the year of Sri Plava Nama. If Cancerians have any financial surplus, it is due to Rahu-Ketu. Government job seekers create success. Provides good parenting comfort for those who are trying to have children. Rahu-Ketuvas do not cause any problems for Cancerians in the year of Sri Plava Nama.

April 2021 Cancer Aries Fruits:

Expected recognition in working life this month. Get out of personal problems. Job trades bring in the expected level of profit. Your word will prevail in the family. Sankalpa Siddhi is formed for Pushyami constellations. Excursions take place during the second week, not spending happy time with family. From the 9th, a sustainable life in terms of wealth begins. New vehicle or home endeavors pay off. There is comfort in the life of Kalatra. The upper class befriends them – the fundamental gain. Be able to maintain the trust that others have in you.

May 2021 Cancer Aries Fruits:

All rights reserved. Be able to complete all tasks on your own. This month is a good time for foreign affairs, marriage and childbearing. Get out of financial debt. The affection of family members creates a great deal of excitement. Indication not to incur a loss due to allied affairs on 20,21,22.

June 2021 Cancer Aries Fruits:

Health issues during this month can cause minimal irritation. Problem solving requires ingenuity. Cash flow is mediocre. Enmity with them will cause losses. Trouble on the 18th and 19th due to mental retardation. On the 20th there will be some flexibility and success in the next professional job trades. Funds for charitable activities during this month may have to be spent unexpectedly.

July 2021 Cancer Aries Fruits:

Thoughts will be passionate this month. Anger and irritability occur for no reason. Do not abandon rituals. Cash flow is mediocre. Illness problems continue. Tough decisions have to be made in terms of family. The popularity of relatives and friends does not live up to expectations. The last week will see positive changes in working life. Will spend on entertainment. Dates 3,8,11,13,17 in this month are not so favourable.

August 2021 Cancer Aries Fruits:

There are indications of an increase in revenue this month. Contributes to body health. The mind stays cheerful. Expected returns from past investments will begin. Some controversies come out unexpectedly. Those in the public sector will have additional responsibilities and the workload will increase. Those in the pharmaceutical business sector are thriving. The thoughts of the youth are on the right path. Care needs to be taken in the health matters of young children. Buying new items this month is not so mixed.

September 2021 Cancer Aries Fruits:

Attempts to do so this month will ultimately lead to success. Cash flow will be mediocre. Participate in service activities. Get rid of problems tactfully. The second and third weeks are ideal for wedding preparations. Attempts to find new sources of income this month will be successful. Others do not keep their word. Conflicts with family elders between the 23rd and 29th are a sign of mental unrest.

October 2021 Cancer Aries Fruits:

Profits, jobs and businesses will not be as high as expected this month. The cooperation of others may not be as expected. Cash flow decreases. The journeys are fraught with extreme hardship. Unhealthy elemental wealth caused by family members. In the middle of the month there is a vision or a visit to the shrine. The introduction of mystics gives pleasure. The 18th is ideal for subsequent parenting efforts. The end of the month is calm. Dates 5,14,20,29 in this month are not so favourable.

November 2021 Cancer Aries Fruits:

Spend more time with your favorite people this month. However the cash flow will not be as expected. Enjoy the comfort caused by the offspring. Delays in decisions can lead to problems. There are indications of a loss in partnership businesses in the first week. New affairs do not move forward. The second week will be marked by sudden losses in work life or excessive workload. Indication of honor damage on 16,17,18. There are also indications of rising travel element costs and health disruptions throughout the month.

December 2021 Cancer Aries Fruits:

Expected loans will be available this month. Attempts until the 10th will be successful on the most difficult. The 10th is a good time to expand your business. The mediation work you undertake during this period will be successful. This month is also favourable for court proceedings. Happiness in the home environment gives moderate pleasures. Dates 18,24, 25 are not favourable for this month. Dates 15,16 are favourable for wedding attempts. Cash flow will decline somewhat this month.

January 2022 Cancer Aries Fruits:

Normal results will occur this month. New work should not be started during this month. Geographical or hereditary annoyances may be encountered. The new garment will not gain in the second week. There will also be some increase in funding. The third week creates a good atmosphere in the family. From the beginning of the last week until the end of the month there is no money in hand. Will face wasted cost. Irritating and useless vain journeys have to be made.

February 2022 Cancer Aries Fruits:

Dinner meals at home this month will cover the cost of hospitality for guests. This month is a good time to make architectural changes in your home. Mercury will be removed by the force of the planet by the end of the month, even if there is irritation with the offspring. Elevation in working life in the third week. Expected promotions occur. Not everyone will be forgiven. Normal results for the month.

March 2022 Cancer Aries Fruits:

Profits in the business will increase this month. Good encouragement. Competitive lanes will be eliminated. Expected government contracts will be available. The first week is marked by grief over a congenital illness. Career growth with the help of friends. The second week will see sudden cash outlays, delays in foreign employment efforts and government-related barriers. Normal results occur from the third week to the end of the month.

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