Sree Plava Nama Samvatsara Gemini Rasi / Gemini Sign Free Telugu Rasi Phalalu

Those born at 3, 4 feet or 6,2,3,4 feet or rebirth 1,2,3 feet in Gemini belong to Gemini.

Income for Gemini in the year 2021- 2022 Sri Plava Nama – 05, Expenditure – 05, Raja Pujyam – 03, Shame – 06

The remainder of Gemini in the former method is “1”. This indicates the success of the professional endeavors undertaken by Gemini in the year of Sri Plava Nama.

For those in Gemini zodiac, in the year of Sri Plava Nama i.e. from 13-April-2021 to 01-April-2022 in the Telugu period, from Jupiter to 19-November-2021, many disruptions, sudden losses in working life, maternal illness, court problems due to cousins , Causing health hazards related to blood or brain nerves. From 20-November-2021 Jupiter will be fully compatible with Gemini. Get rid of inheritance problems and enjoy real estate benefits. Parents with Gemini offspring will also face better results next 20-November-2021. In all respects Jupiter will produce positive results from 20-November-2021.

For Gemini, Saturn does not produce positive results in the year of Sri Plava Nama. Health problems continue. This year has been a dangerous time for aging parents. Always be careful about their health matters. It is advisable to chant the Shanti Japa once in a while. Gemini people do not have the previous Saturn phase in the year of Sri Plava Nama.

For Gemini, Rahu-Ketu will win business and marriage court cases in the year of Sri Plava Nama. However they often face wasted spending throughout the year. The money earned does not stand on hand. The reserve money cannot be established as expected. Friends cause financial difficulties and betrayal. Those who do partnership business should be careful in financial matters.

April 2021 Gemini zodiac signs:

Mixed results will occur this month. Succeeds in fixing irritations in any relationship. No financial difficulties. Cash flow is good. Debt troubles will go away. Land-related investments are detrimental. Vehicle related cost incurred. Wealth and success in employment and business during the second and third weeks. Adequate result for effort, recognition is formed. Good deeds are postponed. Will grow financially during the month. A good time for students. Can avail the expected educational opportunities. Dates 2,7,8,11 this month are not favourable.

May 2021 Gemini zodiac results:

Be able to complete important tasks this month as planned. The patriarchal community will receive their cooperation. Cash flow is mediocre. This is an ideal time to try to get positions and status politically. Parental behavior causes some concern. Efforts for stability in foreign territory will pay off. Those in the business sector will get new investments. This is a good time to expand your business. There will be adequate encouragement for talent throughout the month. Abdominal problems can be contagious.

June 2021 Gemini Aries Fruits:

You will not make good money this month. Irritability in the home environment will go away. Marriage efforts pay off. A vital piece of information comes from afar. On the 10th the next unemployed job attempt will bear fruit. The workload in the work life is reduced. Promotions are possible. There is a forecast of wasted spending at the end of the month. Succeeds in government affairs. Dates 3, 6, 16, 23, 25 this month are not favourable.

July 2021 Gemini Aries Fruits:

Good compatibility at the beginning of this month, followed by family irritability and mental anxiety. Expected cash flow in the first week. The vehicle will not be as comfortable as expected. Changes will be made in your favor in family affairs. Distant friends become close again. Get the good news of parenting. The arrival of relatives or friends is a delight. Positive results for those making foreign residency attempts. No major problems until the end of the second week. Illness issues for the elderly in the family from the 16th. Negative results in the profession at the end of the month. The 19th, 20th and 21st of this month are not favourable.

August 2021 Gemini Aries Fruits:

Financial annoyances will go away this month. Contacts of new people are formed. Job success in job endeavors. Cash flow will increase. New contracts are available. Parents are plagued by feelings of despair. Normal results are obtained in the second week. Stress decreases in the third week. Happiness prevails. Gold-related investments pay dividends. Women get hereditary benefits. Partnership businesses benefit. Between the 10th and 15th of this month is auspicious for wedding attempts.

September 2021 Gemini Aries Fruits:

Disputes with the fraternity are expected to cause financial losses this month. Will make unnecessary trips. Job attempts can cause some frustration. This month is not ideal for making changes in the living room. Every transaction is completed slowly. Even if you say goodbye, there are situations where they do not count. Not having a car accident in the last week is a sign of annoyance or health disorders. Caution is required on the next voyage on the 24th. Dates 2, 7, 15, 18, 21, 24 are not favourable for this month. Cash flow is normal this month.

October 2021 Gemini Aries Fruits:

Cash flow is normal this month. Mistakes made unknowingly in the past create a burden of shame. Illness indication for those in the parent category. Indication of sudden financial gains due to share sales in the first week. Conflicts with the patriarchal community will disappear. The second week produces normal results. The third week will be very favourable for the students. Efforts for foreign education will not pay off. Relationships can stay. In the last week the fame of those who are in the professional life will increase. Will receive political honors. New business ventures should be tried with determination. Initially some difficulties can be overcome though.

November 2021 Gemini zodiac signs:

During this month, good deeds and happy deeds are done at home. Gets a nice peace of mind. New acquaintances lead to long-term bonds. There will be an increase in cash flow. Matrimonial matters need to be seriously negotiated. The last week will be a little annoying for those in the career. Obstacles are created by higher authorities. Daily spending also increases. Indication of disputes over land or real estate.

December 2021 Gemini zodiac signs:

During this month there will be gains in parenting benefits and livelihood development. Suggestion for getting the next job promotion on the 12th. Not everyone will be forgiven. New home endeavors pay off. Psychological thoughts abound. Will face financial cost due to love affairs. Launch this month New businesses will be successful. Can assemble partners. Projects will be completed in a timely manner. New opportunities will be available for those in the field of art.

January 2022 Gemini zodiac signs:

This month will be a resounding success for those in the business sector. Make good money through new businesses. Money making will increase this month. Mixed results for those in working life. Do not talk to the above authorities. There will not be an adequate result for the effort. Will face difficulties due to competitors. The first, second and third weeks produce normal results. An important affair at the end of the month gets tangled up. Difficulties in conversing with a spouse. This month is a positive time to start thinking about a more fulfilling life.

February 2022 Gemini Aries Fruits:

This month is suitable for court proceedings and bridal wedding attempts. Cash flow is good as expected. Family strength increases with the addition of new people. This month is a good time for job relocation efforts. Suitable for home environment. Businesses have the opportunity to expand. Partnership business ventures benefit. Dates 25, 26, 27 will bring good results especially for the business category.

March 2022 Gemini zodiac signs:

Cash flow will be good this month. Get a good reputation in the community. Gain respect among fellow employees. New revenue streams are available. The enemy wins. Even enemies will become loyal to you. Succeeds in all things. Hear the good news of childbearing. Your predictions will come true. There will be minor health issues during the trip this month. It is better not to go to the family.

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