Sree Plava Nama Samvatsara Leo Rasi / Leo Sign Free Telugu Rasi Phalalu

Those born in Magha 1,2,3,4 feet or Puba 1,2,3,4, feet or North 1st foot belong to Leo.

In the year of Sri Plava Nama, for Leos, income is 02, expenditure is 14, royal worship is 02 and shame is 02

In the former method the remainder number that came to Leo was “7”. This signifies success in all affairs for the Leo in the year of Sri Plava Nama.

Simharashi does not come together in the year of Sri Plava Nama i.e. 13-April-2021 to 01-April-2022 due to Jupiter in the Telugu period of the year until 19-November-2021. The problems of the last Sharwari nama year will continue. Jupiter will orbit from 20-November-2021. Financially new opportunities will arise. Brides get good relationships. Marital life will not be comfortable. Get rid of clutter you don’t need in the long run. Spouse health issues can cause minimal problems.

Leos get good results throughout the year due to Saturn in the year of Sri Plava Nama. Will not triumph over family and professional enemies. Real estate issues in fights are high indications that Leo will end up in their favor. In the year of Sri Plava Nama, Leos do not have the previous Saturn phase.

Leos get full ayurvedic blessings throughout the year due to Rahu-Ketu in the year of Sri Plava Nama. Creates remarkable wealth. Benefit due to pill category. This year is a favourable time for land or home comfort efforts. Rahu-Ketuvas produce excellent results for students academically.

April 2021 Leo zodiac signs:

At the beginning of the month there is an indication that conflicts with own men, not encountered blood related health problems. The tasks that are started will be completed in the end despite the obstacles. The wasteful cost on hand is high. From the 14th the situation adapts somewhat. The economic situation will be more positive. It’s a good start for students, especially those seeking professional education. Job attempts are successful. The end of the month is a happy time to meet childhood friends or get together with friends.

May 2021 Leo zodiac signs:

The best results are expected this month. Cash flow will increase. Those who invest in the share market get the expected returns. The long-awaited good news from afar in terms of marriage is pleasing. The home environment is peaceful. Personal expenses in the middle of the month are especially high due to the purchase of vehicles or jewellery . It is better to make decisions slowly in court matters. Experience loneliness in the last week. Artists get a good development. Dates 2,6,7,15,16,29 of this month are favourable for changes in working life. Also convenient for writing new plans.

June 2021 Leo zodiac signs:

There will be good results this month as well. Relieves health problems. Be able to correct behavioral mistakes and get things done. Receive positive messages from opponents in the third week. Conflicts come to the fore. Food habits and addictions need to be taken care of. Business is going on profitably this month. On the 23rd, 24th, 27th and 29th of this month, new activities and attempts at marriage will be rewarded.

July 2021 Leo zodiac signs:

Cash flow is normal this month. Professional businesses continue to be enthusiastic and profitable. Working office environment is favourable. The spouse element also has the desired comfort. In the first week you will experience the desired changes in the home, positive results such as a visit to the shrine, sudden conflicts in the second and third week, wastage of time, slight adverse effects such as exceeding the spending limit. However, in professional businesses, the income is normal. Working life is normal. Dates 19,22,23 in this month are not so favourable.

August 2021 Leo zodiac signs:

Cash flow is normal even this month. The financial situation of women in the home is more promising than ever. Happiness in the family environment, relatives do not get the expected cooperation from friends. Success in parenting efforts. Dates 3,8,9,16 this month are favourable for new endeavors. Dates 2,11,19, 21, 29 are not good. Difficult tasks can cause complete or mental unrest

September 2021 Leo zodiac signs:

There will be mixed results this month. Facing ups and downs in the spiritual life. Serious difficulties arise, especially for those in sacred service, such as the priesthood. There is no dialogue between members on family matters. Trapped in feminist controversies. Professional businesses continue to be sluggish. Long distance travel. Will face inconsistency in court proceedings. This month is not so favourable for the unemployed. The way of life is laborious. It is not advisable to travel between the 13th and 19th of this month.

October 2021 Leo zodiac signs:

Profits are expected to pick up this month. Benefit from new vehicle or home ventures. Frozen business will resume. Will visit the new place. In the second week the proceedings will be favourable. Complete affairs with good words. The opposition against you will gradually decrease. In the third week the marriage attempts with the cooperation of the parent community are successful. The last week will produce normal results.

November 2021 Leo zodiac signs:

The cash flow for this month will be as expected. Positional movement efforts pay off in working life. Will not be accepted and loved by the patriarchs. A problem is solved by friends. Partnerships are successful in the first week. New contracts will be available. The bridesmaids also get the good news. Brave adventures in the third week are useless. Thoughts are not sustainable. Difficulty does not get the desired result. It will be difficult to get back the important item or money given to others this week. Dates 4, 9, 17, 20, 26 are not favourable for this month.

December 2021 Leo zodiac fruits:

Among the trades this month are the win-win and contingency money access yoga. Get positive changes in working life. The professional category will get them good financial benefits. The second week produces normal results. During the third week there is a slight mental disturbance in the family due to ill health. Medium happiness with spouse. Long-distance or foreign living endeavors result in disruptions. It is better to be careful with relatives and friends during this month. The first and second weeks of this month are conducive to new endeavors.

January 2022 Leo zodiac signs:

Will face a slight decline in revenue this month. The business affiliated with the topic of public relations rollout plans is ever expanding. There are opportunities for money loss in the interest business sector. There is also a hint of hearing bad news about the Allies. Access to fine female fertility. On the 11th there is an opportunity to receive training in the next new technology. Implications in working life are eliminated. It is better to postpone starting new business during the month.

February 2022 Leo zodiac fruit:

This month the long-suffering health ailments will go away. Reduces stress in work life. In the first and second weeks one can expect enemy victory, increase in income and elevation in living status. Irritated by male offspring. All good deeds benefit. It can be difficult to make consistent ideas to keep a promise made to friends. Especially the period between 13th and 22nd is not favourable. No favourable changes in circumstances will be received from the 23rd.

March 2022 Leo zodiac signs:

Enjoy a happy atmosphere as a kalatra element during this month. Introductions of new people. Or gains an arrangement of new objects. Movement occurs in marital endeavors. Cash flow is normal this month. Insults or disgrace to those in the political class. Land transactions do not end as expected. Hopes are different. Goodwill related expenses at home from the third week. The money needed for the expenses will be available in a timely manner. Dates 5,7,14,20,21,25 of this month are favourable for personal affairs.

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