Sree Plava Nama Samvatsara Libra Rasi / Libra Sign Free Telugu Rasi Phalalu

Those born in Chitta 3,4 feet or Swati 1,2,3,4 feet or Visakha 1,2,3 feet belong to Libra.

Income of Libra in the year of Sri Plava Nama is 02, Expenditure – 08, Raja Pujyam – 01, Shame – 05

In the previous method, the balance number for Libra was “1”. This signifies the success of those in Libra in the field of art and politics in the year of Sri Plava Nama.

For Libra, Jupiter has mixed results in the year of Sri Plava Nama, ie in the Telugu period from 13-April-2021 to 01-April-2022. 19 November 2021 will set up enemy victories. Do your own home yoga. Favourable period for real estate sales. There will be no economic benefits due to the Matru community. Relieves chronic health problems. From 20 November 2021 Libra will not get such positive results due to the teacher. Unnecessary fights, health problems, wasted money, losses on the share market or business investment.

For Libra, Saturn in the year of Sri Plava Nama brings positive results throughout the year. Relieves health problems. Those in the real estate business will not make much profit from Saturn. On the whole, Saturn Libra has good developmental results throughout the year of Sri Plava Nama. Libra has no previous Saturn phase in the year of Sri Plava Nama.

For Libra, in the year of Sri Plava Nama, both Rahu and Ketu make financial gains but not in other respects. Especially when the person has severe fluctuations in the past life, spouse related anxiety, child attempts fail child. Adult offspring may experience difficulties due to business style. Rahu-Ketuvas are not worshiped throughout the year of Sri Plava Nama.

April 2021 Libra zodiac results:

Cash flow will be good this month. Buy jewellery  for family members. Enjoy a meal that suits your taste. Unmarried women are auspicious in terms of marriage. Attempts at first will not succeed in the end despite the obstacles. Vehicle, land, textile comfort is available. All types of businesses benefit. Service activities earn respect in the community. Family conflicts are eliminated with the help of clan elders. Celebrations take place at home. All in all this month is a favourable time.

May 2021 Libra zodiac fruits:

There will be a slight decline in revenue this month. Expenditure in the first half of this month is out of control. Friends will have to ask for money to adjust. The expected opportunities will pass. Accidental losses in the revenue stream. Should work hard. There will be no satisfaction inside or outside. Professional skills should be enhanced. There will be some leeway from the second half. Long-standing disputes will be resolved. Health also contributes. Making important decisions on 3,4,10,12 dates this month is not a good idea.

June 2021 Libra zodiac results:

There will be mixed results this month as well. Cash flow will increase over the last month. Women in the family have health problems related to hearing. Real estate loans tend to be somewhat. The fraternity will use their reputation to uplift you. Share happiness with loved ones. Expected job opportunities this month. Feminist things cause trouble. Damage to honor .. Be careful on 20,21,22.

July 2021 Libra zodiac fruits:

Cash flow will be good this month. Psychological anxiety and irritability are overcome. Be able to succeed in the tasks at hand. Devotion to the Guru increases. Those who are in the process of job change are facing difficulties due to the authorities. Expected support from peers is not available. There is a possibility of financial loss due to court proceedings. Those in the professional life, those in the business sector will have a satisfactory income.

August 2021 Libra Fruits:

Mixed results are expected this month. Revenue is as good as expected. Your prestige in the family will increase. During the second week there will be interruptions in important tasks. The advice of veterans is needed. There may be unexplained quarrels. Be careful with the above authorities. There is no deficit for living income. Those who are looking for educational opportunities should work hard. New responsibilities for women can be a cause for concern. Dates 6,14,19,20,24 in this month are not so favourable.

September 2021 Libra Aries Fruits:

Favourable conditions will arise this month. New opportunities are available. Health problems slow down. Caution is required in the case of new vehicles. It is a good idea to postpone family outings. Income is normal.There are indications to face extreme experiences beyond a certain age this month.

October 2021 Libra Aries Fruits:

Revenue and expenses will be the same this month. Responsibilities are carried out properly due to the cooperation of others. Postponed work may be resumed between 6th and 17th. There will be good comfort in spouse related matters. The bridal efforts of the brides also pay off. Those who work in the chemical industry must be extremely careful in the workplace. Potential for fire hazards. Dates 28,29,30 do not coincide with real estate sales and foreign relations. Citizenship organizers should consider accepting donations during this month.

November 2021 Libra zodiac results:

Cash flow will improve from the beginning of this month. The offspring will experience fine comfort. Be able to spend time with them. Headed charitable affairs can be completed due to the support of relatives and friends. Business affairs usually continue. Business revenue increases in the middle of the month. From the third week onwards there will be many hurdles in completing the set targets. The parents face health problems. During the month new items are arranged with the help of those abroad.

December 2021 Libra Aries Fruits:

The working class is forecast to be relocated this month. Facilitate counterfeit money .. Loss due to sales in vehicle matters. The infertility efforts of the infertile couple will bear fruit this month. Income will be better for those in all sectors. Valuable real estate information will be available in the second week. Scientists get recognition in all four. There are happy moments in the family atmosphere. Adults in Libra should be careful in financial transactions. The last two weeks of this month are the perfect time to write new plans.

January 2022 Libra zodiac results:

This month is not so favourable. There may be harassment by the police. Psychological anxiety is high in personal matters. You will face difficulties due to the involvement of others in your personal affairs. Cash flow is normal throughout this month. Professional traders do not grow as much as expected. On the 22nd the severity of the subsequent problems decreases. Working life usually continues.

February 2022 Libra Aries Fruits:

Attempts to do so this month are slowly gaining momentum. For women, labor is more important in everyday life. Participate in spiritual activities. The introduction of respectable people will also increase your respect in the society. Compatibility in home conversion efforts. Government employees have the potential for relocation. Dates 13,14, 21,22, this month are not so favourable.

March 2022 Libra Results:

New business ideas come to fruition this month. Financial income conditions are also satisfactory. Happiness arises in the elements of kalatra. Adjusts for money needs. Job creatures can expect a promotion or an increase in pay. This month is not a good time for parenting. There is a hint of losing an important object. Stock trading goes well with those who do business. Children under the age of 12 need health care. With political prestige the hostility will lessen to some extent.

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