Sree Plava Nama Samvatsara Taurus Rasi / Taurus Sign Free Telugu Rasi Phalalu

Your birth star is Kritika 2,3,4 feet or Rohini 1,2,3,4 feet or Taurus which is one of the 1,2 feet of Mars.

2021 – 2022 Taurus Warki Income In The Year Of Sri Plava Nama – 02, Expenditure – 08, Rajapujyam – 07, Shame – 03.

The remaining number “1” for those in Taurus in the previous method. This signifies success in the tasks that Taurus set for them in the year of Sri Plava Nama.

For Taurus, the Jupiter planet in the Telugu period from 13-April-2021 to 01-April-2022, i.e. the year of Sri Plava Nama, 19 November to 2021, will have the opposite effect. Physical problems in particular are often annoying. The yoga you experience in life will deteriorate. Some people make mistakes and create losses. No effort can bring mental satisfaction. It is advisable not to make new huge investments till 19-November-2021. From 20-November-2021, Jupiter will be associated with Taurus. Great job opportunities, especially for those who have taken vocational courses, will create special wealth for the self-employed. Special rewarding time for students. The long-awaited pilgrimages will be completed next 20-November-2021. This is the most favourable time to start a ritualistic life. Be able to stay away from the abuses that you intend to leave.

For Taurus, Saturn in the year of Sri Plava Nama will bring good results just like the year of Sharvari Nama. Fulfillment of the desire for a new vehicle. Inheritance is available. Can earn great reputations in the fields of work. Employees who are strong in Saturn in the personal horoscope get promoted in the position. Reach financial goals. Those in the Saturn realm or zodiac or base triangle in the personal horoscope can easily make significant gains. Such horoscopes do good deeds that may bring fame to their clan name. Taurus does not have the previous Saturn phase in the year of Sri Plava Nama.

For Taurus, Rahu and Ketu have mixed results in the year of Sri Plava Nama. The name makes a name for itself in the community. Forms positional motion as desired. The problems faced by the patriarchs will disappear. However, physical illness, serious conflicts in marital life, and marriage attempts can be disruptive.

April 2021 Taurus Aries Fruits:

Mixed results this month. Patience is the key to achieving a goal. Enmities with one’s own people can lead to irritation. Desperate for help. Unnecessary expenses in the home will continue until the 17th. Succeeding at business implications or interruptions in endeavors .. Will have to make arduous journeys. Damage caused by gambling. Will face. On the 18th there will be some further adaptation. The focus should be on the bonds between family members. New revenue streams are available. Enjoy vehicle comfort during the month

May 2021 Taurus Aries Fruits:

There will not be much positive results this month either. This month is not conducive to arguments. Cash flow, however, remains modest. Harassment continues in professional life. Business losses. This month is not good for starting new businesses, for changes in working life. Problems with the digestive system can lead to financial costs. Get help from the patriarchs. Dates 11,12,15 and 16 are not favourable for this month.

June 2021 Taurus Aries Fruits:

This month will see a positive outlook on financial matters. Revenue is expected. Debt pressures are reduced. New acquaintances lead to the upliftment of life. Able to complete tasks with dignity. Animosities will disappear. Provides peace of mind and an encouraging atmosphere in the profession. Expected improvement in second week and third week. Attempts at marriage and childbearing give positive results. From the fourth week onwards, there will be stagnation in the work undertaken. Preparations are made for a ceremony

July 2021 Taurus Aries Fruits:

This month is a good time. Results in professional business jobs are in line with expectations. Opponents become close. Benefit from allies. Buy new items. During the first two weeks, you will have the opportunity to work with family members. Anxiety is caused by the mother’s health problems. Those who invest in speculation and the stock market will benefit. Cash flow increases from the third week. The 15th, 24th, 30th and 31st of this month are not so favourable.

August 2021 Taurus Aries Fruits:

The new tasks set out this month will be a success. Able to make appropriate decisions related to personal life. Sankalpa Siddhi is achieved. This month is a good time for parenting. Cash flow is good. This month is a good time to invest in savings plans. Care should be taken in matters relating to important documents. On the 19th and 20th you will get a boost in professional life. The last week is a good time for job seekers and job seekers. Appreciate, increase in cash flow.

September 2021 Taurus Aries Fruits:

This month is a time of financial prosperity due to hereditary or kalatra elementary wealth. Businesses run well. Profits will be at the expected level. Interruptions in marriage efforts will occur. There is a possibility of verbal clashes with the fraternities. Your hard work will change the way family members think. Spiritual feelings also develop. In the third week, the spouse’s health problems become a concern. The last week is a good time to resume work that was stopped in the past.

October 2021 Taurus Aries Fruits:

This month is a good time to make plans for the future. Professional business employees will have a promising period of success. Responds positively to criticism. Subsequent work on the 13th will have to be completed incompletely. Delegating your responsibilities to others can cause problems. Not resting as expected. Unhappiness in married life is encountered. There are hints of escaping an accident in the last week.

November 2021 Taurus Aries Fruits:

Cash flow will decline slightly this month. This month is not a good time for parenting either. Negatives are encountered. Family spending is out of control. Divine blessings are needed in the tasks at hand. It is advisable to seek the advice of a veteran. Problems with governmental elders. Get general results in professional businesses. New ideas do not take shape so quickly. It is necessary to cultivate the feeling that it is better to take chances. Parenting education, however, is satisfying. Dates 5,9,10,26 in this month are not favourable.

December 2021 Taurus Aries Fruits:

Expenditure is higher than cash flow this month, which is more likely to result in honor damages and sudden losses. It is not good to start new tasks. Rohini horoscopes are less likely to have minor health risks in the first week. Stubbornness in health matters is not good. In the second week there will be no mental satisfaction without trouble for money. Friends are enemies. It is not good to ignore the rhetoric of relatives. The third and last weeks are ideal for wedding attempts. Make changes in the home. Caution is required in vehicular travel during the month.

January 2022 Taurus Aries Fruits:

This month will bring good results. Victory in the task at hand. Able to complete tasks in a timely manner. Cash flow will be as good as expected. Make contacts with celebrities. Unsocial tasks are headed. Do not spend time forcibly between family members. Opportunities need to be taken advantage of immediately. Demonstrating specific likes and dislikes leads to speech. At the end of the month, the employees will get the expected growth due to the cooperation of the top executives. Female infertility is due to infertility

February 2022 Taurus Aries Fruits:

New responsibilities will take place this month. Experience a life of dignity. Disputes are resolved. Cash flow is satisfactory. Body health also contributes. Good profits in professional business matters until the second week. Perseverance from the beginning of the third week will not miss the good chances. Sudden adverse conditions in working life. Newly formed family responsibilities increase mental thoughts.

March 2022 Taurus Aries Fruits:

Not so positive results this month. An atmosphere of anxiety in terms of working life is created. Sudden disputes erupt and capital gains. Kinship causes stress in personal life. The contribution was not forthcoming as expected. Irritability is high in the last week. The cost of housing is high. Dates 3,16,17,25 in this month are not favourable.

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